Thursday, 28 September 2017

Welcome to the SapphireSteel Blog

This is the new blog of SapphireSteel Software. Naturally, being new,  there is not much here at the moment. Suffice to say we are hard at work on something new and (we think) quite exciting. But we are not yet at a stage to provide any more details.We shall have more to say soon... We will also be updating our main site when we are ready to make an announcement.


  1. Huw, interested to know a bit more about the 'something new' ! C'mon, this post's from last September, and it is now April . . .
    Thanks for the Little Book Of Pascal which I'm busy with, I think Embarcadero's people don't always do themselves justice with their educational materials. Your book's a good clear read (I remember you from PC Plus days).
    Keep up the good work !

  2. Be assured I'll post news when I have news to post! We are doing something quite complex but I have no date for an announcement yet.